What is perftec?

The 'perftec' name was originally an abbreviation for a company called Performance Technology International which was set up in conjunction with an engineer to produce and market performance products for the Fiat FIRE engine that I had developed and used in my successful Fiat Panda race car which I raced from 1999 to 2002.

The domain name was registered in 2002 to pursue this further but, for various reasons, this venture didn't really get off the ground and, after selling the car in 2003, the name was then used for a t-shirt design and production company marketing initially to the VW scene but expanding to include hot rods, classic and custom cars and motorcycles. This proved very successful in it's own right and was commissioned to produce designs for clients such as Volksworld magazine.

This venture reached an end when I decided I had taken it as far as I wanted to so it then became the continuation of my graphic design business after my business partner and I decided to close our graphic design partnership Beat Creative, and perftec continued to service existing clients as well as developing relationships with new clients.

Following a move to Dorset in 2018, Perftec is no longer a company in it's own right and is now just the umbrella for all that is produced by Phil and his wife, Sara.

In her studio, Sara creates original, handcrafted pieces of art combining objects found around the Dorset coastline and countryside with unique handmade textile elements.

These bring a softer side to the offerings that Phil will be producing from his workshop. From here, Phil will produce upcycled and original decorative yet practical pieces for the home and office, together with a limited number of unique custom motorcycles and other mechanical items all made using traditional production techniques.


beautiful original art objects inspired by Dorset, handmade in Dorset by Sara


decorative yet practical items for home and office by Phil

coming soon...


custom motorcycles and engineered products created by Phil

coming soon...