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I have always been interested in textiles and love experimenting with materials and techniques.

Since moving to Dorset, I have started to include found objects in some of my pieces, both natural and man-made, sourced from hours of beachcombing and long walks inland.

A new direction in my work involves the exploration of eco-printing and natural dyeing, using materials foraged locally. Most of my pieces now include some element of recycling or upcycling in the way they are created.

Influenced strongly by the beautiful Dorset coastline and landscapes, with their everchanging colours and textures, there is endless inspiration for my creative output, examples of which are included for sale on this website.

In 'normal' times, I can usually be found at Makers Markets where you can come and see my work for yourself. Click on the calendar button above for any forthcoming events.




Please note: Whilst every care is taken, the colours shown on screen may not be a true representation of the actual item, usually the actual colours will be more vibrant than shown on screen. Due to the fragile nature of the unframed items, we regret that they will only be available for personal collection direct from us or at one of the shows or fairs we will be attending. Despite an item being shown on the website, it may not actually be available, please check with us to establish it's availability - we will endeavour to keep the website up to date to reflect what we have in stock. Please be aware that each item is a one-off and cannot be repeated, we may be able to offer something similar but most pieces rely on nature supplying the items required.